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        Welcome to the official website of FOSHAN SAYOK PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD.!
        Foshan Sayok Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.Leading the packaging industry, customer demand is the goal
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        About duling

        About us: Foshan Sayok Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd., located in Foshan, Guangdong, is dedicated to developing and producing various packaging machinery. With advanced R & D concept, professional technology, mature processing system, rigorous QC management system and considerate after-sales service, we have won a good reputation in the industry. With rich industry knowledge and service experience, we can offer our clients one-stop packaging solutions. We welcome you to visit our factory, and talk about business face to face with us. We firmly believe that our rise in the industry can’t be achieved without your support. We aim to produce more advanced products and co-advance with our clients.

        R& D: Since we set up the company, we have developed dozens of packaging machines and corollary equipments in several series. From double frequency conversion packaging machine series to advanced three servo packaging machine, and then full-automatic packaging production line. After continuous improving and perfecting, our production techniques have reached industry standard, and thus helped us to win many distributors. With rich industry knowledge and service experience, we can offer our clients accurate packaging solutions based on their volume of investment and specific needs.

        Main products: We produce pillow type packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, automatic feeding packaging line and corollary equipments, which can be used for packaging of food, vegetable, hardware and daily necessities, etc. Most of our components are imported and their usage and flow are carefully followed by our QC staff, and thus we can assure each machine can work stably with minimum failure, and so they can help our clients achieve high packaging efficiency. Supervised by a rigorous and complete QC system, our products have reached a high standard and their quality has been recognized by the industry.

        Our team: We carefully choose our staff and offer them tailor made training, so they have the required professional ability in the industry, ranging from R & D, producing, installing, and debugging, etc.

        Technical cooperation: For a long time, we have regarded “offer more than our clients need, promise to satisfy what our clients require” as our duty. (Note: Regarding the name of our company “賽諾”, in Chinese “賽” means to be more than, while “諾” means to keep one’s promise) We will keep absorbing and mastering international advanced technologies in packaging machinery processing.


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